[dev] make framework for wmii

From: KIMURA Masaru <hiyuh.root_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 25 May 2009 23:38:47 +0900


I'm now browsing wmii hg2467.
 a) default config.mk has X11PACKAGES=xft and INCX11=$$(pkg-config
--cflags $(X11PACKAGES))
 b) cmd/Makefile has redundant $$(pkg-config --libs $(X11PACKAGES)) w/
hardcoded -lXext
 c) cmd/click/Makefile has hardcoded -lXtst in LDFLAGS
 d) test/Makefile has $(LIBX11) and w/ hardcoded -lXext in LDFLAGS

Folks, could you mind to explain why they are?
My point is,
 a) X11PACKAGES and INCX11 is a bit global. It can be hide into
separated Makefike fragment like other X libs.
 b) $(LINK) has $$(pkg-config --libs $(PAKCAGES)) in mk/hdr.mk.
 c) Ditto
 d) Ditto

To tell you the truth, I've been being confused about Kris' make
framework for wmii.
In the past, I saw Anselm's Makefile for wmii, it was straightforward to me.
Or, should I do self-enlightenment by reading some articles related mk?

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