Re: [dev] dwm background, UXTerm, and config.h

From: Mate Nagy <>
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2009 18:15:50 +0200

> How do I define a background-image for each monitor, individually?
> The following command produces undesirable results:
> $ feh --bg-scale ~/media/images/wallpaper/dwm-3d-bg02.png
> - scales across both monitors rather than each one individually
 well, you need a xinerama-aware wallpaper setter app. I had some
limited access with one called 'nitrogen'. I think it's actually much
easier to create a single image with both wallpapers in it, and set it
using feh.
> Also, does UXTerm have a transparency feature? The man pages for xterm and
> UXTerm fail to make any reference. If not, what alternatives if any would you
> suggest? I recall seeing a (Gentoo, I believe) thread regarding an alternative
> to UXTerm that was light-weight and offered a few more customization options,
> but I'm unable to relocate it.
 i seem to recall that urxvt supports (virtual) transparency
> Finally, can someone provide or tell me where the documentation is for the new
> "monitor" option defined under the rules[] in config.h? Is "0" the left
> monitor and 1 the right monitor as defined in the xorg.conf? What would "-1"?
> be, then?
 -1 means not to put matching clients on any particular monitor
(instead, use the current selected monitor).
 Numbering probably depends on how xinerama data is provided.

Best regards,
 Mate Nagy
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