Re: [dev] mapping keyboard buttons to move the mouse?

From: <>
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2009 12:45:44 -0000 (UTC)

> Hiho,
>> I was wondering if it was possible to map keyboard buttons to move the
>> mouse cursor/ send mouse button events. For example, I was thinning of
>> having alt gr and the arrow buttons move the mouse cursor, and alt gr
>> + "z", "x" and "c" send left, middle, right mouse button events.
> have you tried this one yet:
> altho this doesn't offer random keybindings (i wouldn't be surprised if
> you can tune it using xmodmap somehow, though)
> Regards,
> Mate

Thanks, I did already know about this though, and unfortunately it doesn't
help (assuming key mapping cannot be changed). The tuchpad on this laptop
is extremely twitchy, which I have bean working around for about a year
with DWM, Vimperator, Vim, Xbindkeys etc (I prefer keyboard driven apps
anyway). However there are a few things, mostly Flash video players, which
cannot be contorted without the mouse. As laptops don't have number pads,
the keyboard mouse features built into X are unusable.
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