[dev] Focus after closing a window

From: Donald Allen <donaldcallen_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2009 09:21:16 -0400

I'm seeing what I think is non-intuitive behavior of the focus after closing
a window in tiled mode. Here's the situation:

I use rox as my file-system browser. Let's assume rox is by itself in tag 6
and dwm is in tile mode. Now suppose I open a .pdf file and then another by
clicking them in rox, having specified xpdf (in rox) as the program to deal
with .pdf extensions. Now I've got two xpdfs windows in addition to the rox
window, all with tag 6. The second xpdf is in the master area and has the
focus. The first xpdf and rox are in the stacking area. Now I do
mod1-shift-c, which closes the second xpdf, the one in the master area. This
causes the first xpdf to move to the master area, with rox now the only
window in the stacking area. But the rox window gets the focus at this
point. If I fail to notice that and do another mod1-shift-c with the
intention of closing the first xpdf, I will close the rox window by mistake.

It seems to me that, before the first close, the focus was in the master
area and after the close, it should remain there. Having it move at all is a
surprise and having it move away from the master area, which contains the
window you just popped off the stack, is a double surprise.

I am running 5.6.1 without xinerama (which still does not work correctly on
my system; I'll detail in another message) on OpenBSD 4.5.


/Don Allen
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