Re: [dev] GSoC 2010

From: Nicolai Waniek <>
Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2010 15:41:12 +0100

On 03/03/2010 02:46 PM, Peter John Hartman wrote:
> I agree about the issue trackers + the mail integration. A small
> suggestion: none of the issue/bug tracking systems do collaboration very
> well either. What I mean by "collaboration" is the capacity to pass a
> single document back and forth with several "notes" appended to it. a
> giant

You might think on a distributed bug-tracking system similar to a list of
bug-reports inside a git system with the possibility to create new bugreports
"on the fly" when the mail-server receives a specific mail (you somehow have to
define a standar like "SHORT, FROM, DESCRIPTION, STEPS" and so on).
There should be a 'central' (though not required) bug-tracking server for all
those coming with bugs on you project-website. there, the current bug list and
state is a available and an interface to add new bugs. then you could place
some sort of hooks into your bugtracker (bt) configuration:
bt/.config/new -> send mail to mail-adress with new bug
then you can manage bug-notification via mailing lists. For users that don't
want to use the website, you could listen on mails in a specific form/with a
specific header to pass it directly to bt parsing it. if the parsing fails,
automagically send a mail back to the composer with annotation where it failed,
if successfull, send back a success-mail.

usage could be like (in a distributed way):
$ cd bugs/projectname
bugs/projectname $ bt pull # pulls all new bugreports from server
  7 new bugreports
bugs/projectname $
   51 unresolved bugs
  123 pending bugs

where 'pending' means that their state is in "needs check if the bugfix works
or not, waiting for approval" or something like that.

If you want to make comments to a file, make them and afterwards a
bugs/projectname $ bt commit -m "some annotation"
bugs/projectname $ bt send # send new file to whole mailinglist
bugs/projectname $ bt send some.user_AT_host.tld # send your changeset just to a
specific user

would do the rest.

something like that. Didn't think too carefully on it.
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