Re: [dev] HG and python

From: Sylvain BERTRAND <>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 20:15:04 +0100

>>> There's always git, the core of which is written in C, but some
>>> scripts are perl.
>> perl support is disabled in my git build. But perl removal is
>> somewhat trickier than python because of the GNU autotools. The
>> real todo list for perl is
>> GNU autotools removal or/and basic GNU makefile. I tried that on
>> ncurses but it appeared to be a monstruous code generator, so GNU
>> autotools removal needs a lot a work here: I thought to generate
>> one version of the source, make a GNU makefile for it and trash the
>> rest. I'm scared when I think about gcc and binutils.
> In heaven there is no GNU.

Neither perl/python/ruby/lua/squirel/scheme/C++/java/C#.........

>>> And for the bloat: Git is sometimes percieved as somewhat more
>>> bloated (>100 little tools instead of 1 like hg) - that depends on
>>> the point of view.
>> Still, git <<<<< hg+python.
> Please, we had this discussion already!

Hu? Have not check the mailing list archive or forgot about this.
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