[dev] [surf] Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?

From: Sean Whitton <sean_AT_silentflame.com>
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2010 10:13:31 +0000


From when I started using surf, I found it a bit annoying how cookies
don't seem to 'stick' - logging into things like, say, Google Calendar
doesn't persist for more than a few hours when you tick "remember me",
which is something that a lot of services have. Is this a problem with
how surf stores cookies, or something that most of the websites that
allow login have that clashes with surf and relies on quirks of the more
popular browsers?

It's got worse this week, in that surf has basically stopped accepting
cookies at all, and I can't login to any websites as I either get logged
out immediately, or I get "your browser's cookie support is turned off".
I've managed to fix this by simply deleting my cookies file and starting
again, but this shouldn't happen so is probably a bug.

Not sure how helpful this e-mail is in fixing bugs, but if I am
misinterpreting features as bugs, I would very much appreciate an
explication :-)


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