[dev] wmii - wmii3.9 behavior with multiple monitors

From: Naren <byteflow_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2010 18:24:49 -0500


I have been a long time user of wmii-3.6. Since the website says that it is
now deprecated, and there is now a new version 3.9b1, I decided to try it

Among the many changes I noticed, this one in particular is significant for
my usage style:

I have two LCD monitors being driven by one GPU. With wmii-3.6, if I had two
columns, it would divide the entire width of the two monitors into the 58+42
ratio. This meant that the left column used up the whole left monitor, plus
some part of the right monitor. And if I had only one column, it would span
across the two monitors. Also, the status bar would span across two
monitors. I had grown used to that behavior.

Now, with 3.9b1, I notice the following:

- New windows come up only on left monitor.
- Status bar is limited to the left monitor
- Creating a new column, it will first create one in the 62+38 ratio, but
contained within the left screen.
- Creating yet another column (or shifting the earlier one further), it does
go into the right screen, but there is no way to have one window span both
monitors, as was possible with 3.6.

All my googling seems to suggest that people do not want the 3.6 behavior
(i.e. terminal spread across two monitors), and some have launched multiple
wmii instances, or other workarounds, for that.

Is there a simple way for me to get the old behavior back with 3.9b1 ?

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