[dev] [dwm] [patch] Hide window border if window is only one visible, and bar is hidden

From: Sean Whitton <sean_AT_silentflame.com>
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2010 20:08:53 +0000


Attached is a patch that causes dwm to remove a window's border when the
bar is hidden, and the window is the only one visible - that is, when it
is the only client on the tag, or the tag is in monocle mode. It's
dependent on pertag, which I use, but it could easily be hacked to
remove this dependency.


- If you move a window to another monitor, it won't get resized to fill
  the extra borderpx*2 columns and rows until you switch to that
- If you have more than one monitor, it'll be a lot harder to tell which
  is focussed if borders have been removed on both. You'll have to look
  for solid/hollow terminal cursors etc. This is just personal
  preference, but is worth pointing out.

I don't speak C so this patch is likely very code inefficient and ugly,
and it may well have other bugs. Do let me know if you find the time to
clean it up.


Sean Whitton / <sean_AT_silentflame.com>
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