Re: [dev] [sw] Suckless web-framework

From: Mate Nagy <>
Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2010 09:57:37 +0200

On Sun, Apr 04, 2010 at 04:08:03AM -0300, Axel Bayerl wrote:
> What you can try now, is to make it pass the validator:
> []
 I want to comment on this:

 page validation is an illusion, because there are no "web standards"
except for what the browsers implement. Browsers will *always* have to
accept the old age HTML markup, as well as the abortion that's called
XHTML, now HTML5, and so on - basically *anything* that was at any time
widely used, even if it was outright mistaken.

 This means that making your page respect an imaginary standard gives no
results except than a pretty badge. Rather than striving towards such an
ideal, I find it much more useful (dare I say suckless) to make your web
markup as *minimalist* as possible (e.g. no closing tags, no quotes
where you can skip them, no CSS, no JS, the simplest <=HTML4
formatting). This will make your page work on all browsers forever, and
as a bonus, make it easily processible with external tools (and the user
can still specify any kind of custom style they want).

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