Re: [dev] my compatible ideas: vim like mapping for any tools, C scripts, vi clone

From: mobi phil <>
Date: Fri, 14 May 2010 23:29:28 +0200

> inn above, you are doing something very wrong if you have source
> files that are 400MB. Chop up your files into smaller pieces; you
> mentioned log files earlier, you can have: pizza.log.1, pizza.log.2,
> pizza.log.3 And why do you need to edit these aforementioned 4GB log
> files anyways? Can't you use grep to find the appropriate lines, and
> if you need to go back and tweak, just use something simple like ed or
> sed? Why do you require a whole new bloated text editor?
well, do it like that... by time you will understand that there are
faster ways to do things... keep yourself busy with simple tools. When
you go shoping you split up your shopings into 10 bags, you bring bag
1 home, then back to the shop etc. etc.? If I have to do 100
operations on a 4GB file, why would I keep myself busy to split it up
into pieces you mention, load each time piece1 realise that it is in
piece 2 etc. etc. You are suggesting me to do so, because you might
have done it like this. You did your job... But this does not mean
that there are better ways to do it... But the same ...

mobi phil
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