Re: [dev] Tiling windowmanager workflow (Was: [dvtm] Fibonacci layout patch)

From: Alexander Teinum <>
Date: Sun, 6 Jun 2010 11:34:08 +0200


I actually prefer cycling between the applications that I work with,
and I was going to create an alt+tab patch to give it the traditional
alt+tab behavior. Now I donít have to. Thanks!

I think Iím going to keep all the clients that I work with in one tab.
Spotify, background processes etc. can stay in one of the other tabs.

What is a minor annoyance for me is how the ďmĒ-mode in dwm is
implemented. The clients that arenít in focus are visible underneath
the focused window. At least I think thatís how itís done, since I can
see Chromium at the bottom of urxvtc.

alt+j, alt+k, alt+l, and alt+; is a bit more comfortable for me if I
need to change between tags often since theyíre in the home row, but
they destroy the nice dwm keyboard shortcuts. Now that I use the
fullscreen-mode that you suggested, I donít switch that often, so it
might make sense to use the F-keys.

One thing that might be a bit off-topic, but I have been thinking
about the placement of the left alt-key lately. I have caps lock
mapped as control, and I only use the caps key and the left alt for
controlling stuff Ė i.e. I donít care about the Windows- or the
Fn-key, or anything to the left of the left alt. I have observed that
both of my thumbs rest on the space key, but I only hit space with the
right thumb. What would make the keyboard more ergonomic for my use
was if half of the space key was an alt key. What a waste of space
(pun) the way that it is now. I have to move my thumb 2Ė3 cm into an
awkward position every time that I want to press alt Ė which is
something that I do very often. Imagine doing alt+j and alt+k without
moving the thumbÖ

Best regards,
Alexander Teinum
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