[dev] dwm 5.8.2 patches

From: v4hn <me_AT_v4hn.de>
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2010 19:04:05 +0200

ev'ning everyone,

I thought about updating my current dwm installation(5.2)
for some time. Well, now I had some spare time left
and updated my old monocle_count-patch to 5.8.2 -
if anyone is interested: it prints the total number of
clients and the number of the currently activated client
besides the symbol of the monocle layout, while the current release
prints only the number of total clients within the symbol.

Also I tweaked the patches of bstack, fibonacci and gridmode
to apply clean if applied incrementally. So the following does
work without rejections now:

dwm-5.8.2 $ cat ../dwm-5.8.2-bstack.diff \
                ../dwm-5.8.2-fibonacci.diff \
                ../dwm-5.8.2-gridmode.diff \
                ../dwm-5.8.2-monocle_count.diff \
                ../dwm-5.8.2-pertag_without_bar.diff | patch -p1

Last but not least in my current setup I see no point of
one showbar flag for each tag, while I really like pertag.
So I hacked pertag, to keep one boolean showbar,
while layout and mfact are stored per tag.

All patched are attached, have fun :)


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