Re: [dev] curses samterm

From: Connor Lane Smith <>
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2010 17:56:11 +0100


On 3 August 2010 17:43, Joseph Xu <> wrote:
> I said I'm guessing no more than 20 people will find it useful if it was
> written.

I think in this case samterm is more important than sam itself when it
comes to attracting users. Few will convert to using sam if it is ugly
and tedious to use. An improved curses samterm could encourage people
to use sam who otherwise wouldn't because unlike us they aren't
backwards 9fans. No more than 20 of the current 20 people using sam
would find a new interface useful, certainly. ;)

> I agree the sam internal window manager is kind of ridiculous. Pike must
> have thought so too, since he made acme very differently.

True, though he made acme manage windows too, so he clearly didn't
change his mind about that. A possibility could be to make the command
window set up a socket to which other windows can connect, so then you
can manage windows with ^Z / screen / xterms / tabbed, without having
to build it into samterm itself.

> The inability to
> move the cursor up and down lines is weird too, I think that has to do with
> the fact that internally both sam and acme represent buffers as streams of
> characters rather than lines. At least that's my understanding.

I believe you're right. I think this is also why the rio scrollbars
act strangely. Storing the buffer as a linked list of lines would make
it quite a bit simpler.

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