[dev] [dwm] spawn a floating window

From: Pascal Wittmann <PascalWittmann_AT_gmx.net>
Date: Sat, 07 Aug 2010 22:01:47 +0200


I tried to write a function that spawns a window/client and makes it
floating, but with no success. I looked a the spawn function, but I have
no idea how to get/alter the isfloating value of the new client. Simply
taking the selected one won't work.

Example of use: You are reading a something in fullscreen and want to
try some code snippet or do some computations, I find it useful to have
a terminal (or someting else) floating around.

I could gain the same effect by switching the the layout to floating and
open the application then, but I wonder if its possible (without big
effort) to write such a function?

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