Re: [dev] [patch] xmms like pattern matching for dmenu (update to hg tip)

From: StephenB <>
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2010 22:35:52 +0100

On 9 August 2010 12:26, Connor Lane Smith <> wrote:

> Thanks for the patch, Stephen. One small bug, however: the added flag
> should be above the first usage(), since it is a single flag (it takes
> no value). If you try to run "dmenu_run -xs" it will fail because it
> expects another argument.

Your patch is much cleaner and it seems functionally identicle. I gave it a
good test and it works the same. So I have added the man doc for your patch
and I will upload it to the wiki instead of my original patch assuming no
one dissagrees with the man.

Concerning the wiki, I would have liked to create a new page called 'token
matching', but I know there are links to 'xmms like pattern matching' on the
web, so I guess that page title will have to stay (I don't want to have both
pages on the wiki because that causes clutter).

> On 8 August 2010 15:15, Dieter Plaetinck <> wrote:
> > this pattern matching style is pretty cool. Is there no interest in
> > merging this in the mainline?
I think I read in a previous post that there may be a dmenu release sometime
soon. I can make sure that Conner's version of the patch works with that.
(in the mean time I will back port Conner's to 4.1.1 (latest stable) and put
a pkg on AUR, I will post on uzbl dev list when it is up; it works great in
uzbl for me)

The code for the original patch looked horid, so Coner's is more viable for
getting in. Maybe if dmenu starts (continues?) to be used a lot for music
players and web browsers there will be enough need to justify having it
mainline. Corner's patch seems simple enough not to cause a merge headache
(but then, I'm not so experienced at this).


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