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From: Alexander Teinum <ateinum_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2010 20:07:05 +0200

> I think the best format for usage is something like what Plan 9
> utilities use (BSD use the same):
> usage: cmd [-abcde] [-f file] [-g pattern] [file ...]

Options without values are combined? Is that correct?

> With these rules flo usage should be
> usage: flo [-c id] [-f from] [-r id] [-t to] [-w what] [what[,from][-to]]

What if the values are of the same type? -c and -r have id as value.
-f and -t have date as value. I think your usage-text looks prettier,
but out of curiosity, can they be combined like this?

usage: flo [-cr id] [-ft date]

If I decide to ditch getopt(), then Id like to be able to type flo
-c -f to clear the from-field, which means that -f and -t have
optional arguments. Is it valid for an option to have an optional

If it is, which of the following is correct?

1. usage flo: [-f [from]] [-t [to]]

2. usage flo: [-ft] [-f from] [-t to]

3. usage flo: [-f from] [-t to]

4. usage flo: [-ft]

I found some guidelines here:


Do you agree with the guidelines listed in 12.2? Ill find a pen and a
paper and try to digest those.
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