Re: [dev] flo - a command line program for organizing events, to-dos, and deadlines

From: <>
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2010 21:07:31 +0200

* Andreas Wagner <> [2010-08-17 18:51]:
> I would like a system for managing a task dependency graph, it is
> easier for many people to complete vague tasks when they are broken
> down. Having many small tasks without a dependency graph of some sort
> would be cumbersome.

You might find pyGTD useful for that purpose. Along with other features it
has this one, too. Dependency graph is something I overused at a certain
point, but now I think I would go without. I've used pyGTD for some years,
along with several scripts to convert between its files and remind ones, so
that deadlines appear in the calendar.

In fact I still use it, but found myself drastically reducing the subset of
features I *really* need and use. Now I consider it pretty bloated and will
convert to something saner.

I'll give flo a try. I tried bug[1], suggested by pancake a while ago, and
abuse it for storing general purpose TODOs for several topics and it works
fine. I miss tagging, but it's not a big deal to add.

I arrived at the point that TODO stuff and calendar stuff are maybe better
managed by different tools.

my 2ct.



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