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From: pancake <>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2010 00:25:41 +0200

Would be nice if parsing and help get generated from same data structure. I think that java getopt implementation, or the one in glib (vala) does it in this way.

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> It would be a nice challenge to write a really small getopt()
> replacement, and a program that generates usage text. Okay, how about…
> usage: program -a [-b] [-c] -f file blah blah blah
> No grouping. Should make parsing simpler. I guess it’s still a good
> idea to let the user choose the order of the arguments?
> Can “blah blah blah” be put in between e.g. -a and -b?
> The usage above communicates:
> -a      Required. Must always be set.
> -b      Optional.
> -c      Optional.
> -f file      Required. file must always be a string.
> blah blah blah      I guess it’s up to the program to decide if this is
> optional or required.
> But. If we agree that it’s okay that the usage text is unambiguous,
> then I can’t come up with one example of an _option_ that would ever
> be outputted as _required_. Compare “man fdisk” with “man dmenu”. It
> makes sense to separate the optional and the required options in the
> fdisk manual page, since they have chosen to show what combinations
> that work together. But if we don’t want to communicate that in the
> usage text, then all it does is to visually group an option with its
> argument.
> Compare these:
> 1. flo -c id -f from -r id -t to -w what what,from-to
> 2. flo [-c id] [-f from] [-r id] [-t to] [-w what] [what,from-to]
> Both of them say exactly the same.
> And these:
> 1. dmenu [-i] [-b] [-l <lines>] [-fn <font>] [-nb <color>] [-nf
> <color>] [-p <prompt>] [-sb <color>] [-sf <color>] [-v]
> 2. dmenu -i -b -l <lines> -fn <font> -nb <color> -nf <color> -p
> <prompt> -sb <color> -sf <color> -v
> 3. dmenu -i -b -l lines -fn font -nb color -nf color -p prompt -sb
> color -sf color -v
> The first one doesn’t contain more information than the third one.
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