[dev] [wmii] colrules percentages?

From: Nikhilesh S <s.nikhilesh_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2010 18:48:58 +0300 (AST)

How do the colrules percentages work? Does each number represent the
percentage of column n as a fraction of the width of the whole screen,
or of the last selected column before it was created, or ... ?

I ask because I was messing with colrules for GIMP for a while but I
wasn't able to get it working the way I wanted it.

I want to make it look like this (which I set up by manually resizing
the columns with Mod-RMB):-


I took a screenshot of that setup, got the pixel widths of each column
and put in the numbers as pix_width_n/pix_width_screen * 100 for each in
the colrules but it still didn't come out right (the leftmost one was
too small, rightmost too big).

Thanks for your help! :-)

Nikhilesh S
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