Re: [dev] A language similar to Markdown that sucks less

From: Alexander Teinum <>
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2010 19:08:49 +0200

> pandoc extends markdown and has some table support,

It does have lots of extensions that I miss in the standard Markdown,
so thatís a good point. Still, Iíd like to have a minimalistic tool
for this that is 100 % based on functions.

> Have you heard of SexpCode?

No, but that looks very familiar. ;) I want something less
complicated, but having the function accept arguments other than just
the string might be necessary. I think Iíll wrap the functions in
parentheses rather than mustaches.

> I've written something you might like. It can do both open/closing
> tags and by indentations.

Nice work. I did consider using \ for prefixing functions, but I ended
up liking parentheses more.
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