Re: [dev] A language similar to Markdown that sucks less

From: Alexander Teinum <>
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2010 19:40:49 +0200

> TeX is great unless you've got some kind of aversion to learning how to do what you want
> to do.  troff is the same way.

I have used TeX for a university paper, and I think the result looked
great. I might use this language to generate TeX, HTML, … Most likely
my project will die, since that what’s happens to most projects, but I
prefer the syntax of this language over TeX and troff.

> Your language seems fine, but it's not a useful replacement for
> Markdown, because it's clearly aimed at something entirely different.

Yup. I realize that now. There are some visual similarities, but the
goals are totally different. This is more like a markup language that
tries to be as transparent as possible.
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