Re: [dev] Re: Digest of issue 40 (5783-5832)

From: Anselm R Garbe <>
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2010 08:54:11 +0100

On 23 August 2010 05:14, Josh Wilcox <> wrote:
>   I'm using gnu stow with the dwm source.
>   I noticed that, in the Makefile, the variable DESTDIR is incorporated into
> path names before the variable PREFIX.   I think that in most use-cases
> DESTDIR is an empty variable and this does not matter.
>   For my installation I need dwm to install to /usr/local/stow/dwm, but I
> want the compilation step to use the default /usr/local prefix.
>   If I change the order of DESTDIR and PREFIX in the Makefile install and
> uninstall rules and then invoke:
>   `make DESTDIR=/stow/dwm install'
>   for the install step (prior to stowing) things work as I expect/desire.
>   I'm a bit of a novice so I'm concerned that this change may have
> unforeseen consequences, which is what led to this post.
>   Thanks in advance for any comments, and thanks to this community for a
> truly wonderful window manager.

In my understanding DESTDIR is a prefix, so in your case a manual copy
would be mandatory.

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