Re: [dev] nscript - a little stack-based scripting language interpretter I wrote

From: pancake <>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2010 16:35:12 +0200

  On 08/25/10 17:29, Nikhilesh S wrote:
> On Wed, 25 Aug 2010, pancake wrote:
>> Wow! pretty fun :)
>> I encourage you to make the nstest program smarter by removing help
>> messages, prompts and others and just keep the read-eval-print loop.
> I think I will make it build two programs - nsrepl and nstest
> separately.
why not 'ns'? is there any other program with this name?

i dont think nstest can be good for anything. the ns code can be in a
external file test.ns and then you can run it via 'ns'

$ ns < t/test.ns

unless you want to show how to bind C functions to 'nscript', i would
prefer not to have 'nstest' program.

>> About the language I find it quite nice as in syntax. I wrote a
>> similar virtual machine in 'sal' but it end up being a little messy
>> and close to raw assembly than fortran.
> Thanks for your good comments! Can 'sal' be found on the web somewhere?
hg clone
> Ok, I've implemented this, check the latest git update. You can now use
> both '"' and ''' for strings.
good! but i think that it will be better to have a single way to define
strings. it makes the parser simpler and the syntax more consistent.
which char do you prefer? because if you can escape chars i think '"' is
better than '''. In the other side. I see ''' more to enclose chars than
strings. Is there a way to get the ascii code of a string? or to get the
Nth char of a string? it will be good to have some lisp functions on it.
functional programming is fun(ctional) :)

> Thanks for your other suggestions! They are interesting ideas. I will
> get back to them soon, and 'anonymous', your suggestions too.
I will test it again tonight and give you some more hints :)

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