[dev] nscript - nscc

From: pancake <pancake_AT_youterm.com>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2010 04:11:42 +0200

I have written an initial version of 'nscc' with support for creating
native interfaces by parsing an 'nsi' file.

[pancake_AT_dazo nscript]$ cat libc.ns
# test program for libc.nsi
dup print "\n" print
"one" "one" strcmp $x
"one" "two" strcmp $y
"strcmp one-one: " print x print "\n" print
"strcmp one-two: " print y print "\n" print
"ls" system
# "echo 'hello world'" system
{ "true\n" print } $t
"false" t ns_pop
# print

[pancake_AT_dazo nscript]$ cat libc.nsi

The command to compile the nscript will be:

[pancake_AT_dazo nscript]$ ./nscc -i libc.nsi libc.ns

[pancake_AT_dazo nscript]$ ./a.out
strcmp one-one: 0
strcmp one-two: 1
Makefile Todo include libc.ns.c libnscript.a ns.c nscc src
ReadMe a.out libc.ns libc.nsi ns ns.o p test


I have only added support for string and integer types.

Feel free to import this code into your repo.

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