Re: [dev] wmii9menu items alignment

From: Vladimir Levin <>
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2010 01:19:00 -0400

> I've actually considered this myself. I've written scripts which have
> looked rather bad with the items centered. However, if I were going to add a
> feature, it would only be a -l flag for left alignment, since I can't see a
> use for right alignment and couldn't justify the extra complexity.
I did put that in with the intent to allow for rtl text, but if that's not
feasible, then I agree that -l would be quite a bit simpler to add.

> Patches are generally well received, so long as you don't expect them to be
> added to mainline when new features are involved.
I didn't even expect a reply. heh

> I will say, though, that you should try to stick to the coding style of the
> files you patched.
Yeah, I must blame this one on gmail. I tried to stick with the style of the
file (although that is not my personal preference). In the future I'll
attach a diff instead of pasting it into the body.

Thanks for the tips.

Vladimir Levin
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