[dev] [surf] Commit 222 breaks javascript, page title, etc for "open in new window"

From: Alex Puterbaugh <puterbaugh0_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2010 08:37:00 -0400

It seems that surf commit 222 breaks surf's ability to process webkit
signals in windows spawned from an existing surf instance. Also the patch
doesn't actually fix the segfault mentioned in the commit message.

It seems that if there is a segfault from closing a window while the page
is loading, the proper response would be to stop the page from loading
before destroying the client. I'm not sure how the changes in 222 are even
supposed to fix that segfault in the first place.

Anyway, I just slapped a "webkit_web_view_stop_loading()" call in
destroyclient in 221, instead of changing newclient. This approach doesn't
seem to break existing functionality, and it solves the segfault problem
from 221.

Diff's attached.

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