[dev] [surf] easylinks

From: Christian Hahn <ch_AT_radamanthys.de>
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2010 01:44:44 +0200


I wrote this tiny script before I realise that there is already a script for
that on your homepage. But still ... maybe you like this one.

What it does:

modkey is alt
If modkey is down, the hints with the id for each link are shown.
If modkey is up the hints vanish again.
While modkey is down
        when entering the id, the matches get highlighted
        when entering "c", the input so far is resetted
        when entering "t", the link is opened in a new win
when modkey is released, the link opens in the same win
(as long as a valid link id was entered)

And last but not least the numbers(ids) you get presented
are to base 5 (shifted by one), so you can reach them with
one hand while pressing the modkey.

What do think?


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