[dev] wmii display size issue

From: Benjamin Cathey <benjamin_AT_apocalypticfail.com>
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2010 11:48:28 -0400

I setup a secondary monitor to be used as my only display and have
things almost completely worked out. Using 'xrandr' I have the external
display on with the correct resolution and the laptop display turned off
when I go into X (xrandr executes prior to wmii executing).

However wmii's active display appears in the upper left as a box that is
the size of the laptop display (rather than expanding to take up the
entire screen).

Using the menu (via alt-p) displays the program selection list at the
very bottom of the screen (outside of the little wmii window in the
upper left).

How can I force wmii to start using the entire resolution of the screen?


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