[dev] [dwm] status bar freezes

From: Moritz Wilhelmy <crap_AT_wzff.de>
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2010 16:44:59 +0200


I'm having this issue with dwm-hg on two boxes: the status bar freezes and is
never updated after being read for the first time in setup(). If I xsetroot
-name foo, xprop -root WM_NAME shows "foo" as it's supposed to be, but the
statusbar does not update. Apparently the condition in propertynotify,

if((ev->window == root) && (ev->atom == XA_WM_NAME))

always fails, since if I call updatestatus() every time the function is called,
the status is updated correctly.

Does anybody else have similiar problems?

Kind regards,

Moritz Wilhelmy
Received on Sun Sep 12 2010 - 16:44:59 CEST

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