Re: [dev] [dwm] tagging interface

From: yy <>
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2010 09:54:33 +0200

2010/9/22 Wolf Tivy <>:
> Sorry for being unclear. Not quite like toggle. I mean when you press a
> tag key it does the normal thing (tags = newtag or whatever), but then
> if you press more tag keys before you release any of them it adds them
> to the selection (like tags |= newtag). So if you mash a key combo like
> MOD-1-2 and then release, it selects 1 and 2. Likewise with tagging
> clients.

Ok. Thanks for the explanation. I get it now: the first one pressed is
like view() and the next ones without releasing are like toggleview().

> Whats this about previous tags? I found something fitting that description
> in the source but I can't figure out why it's done like that or where it gets used.
> Is there some 'previous selection' function somewhere? If not, why is that
> ugliness in there?

By the previous tags I mean the other tagset. It can be toggled with
view(0), MODKEY+Tab by default. If you want to add that functionality
to your patch add

    selmon->seltags ^= 1; /* toggle sel tagset */


    selmon->tagset[selmon->seltags] = newtags;

It will probably be useful to you if you normally work with several
selected tags.

- yiyus || JGL .
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