Re: [dev] [surf] patch for pseudo-uri idioms

From: cryptix <>
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2011 11:32:18 +0100

Hi guys,

On 19.02.2011, at 23:46, Nick <> wrote:

> Hi Wolf,
> Quoth Wolf Tivy:
>> * `javascript:alert('hello');` works as expected in other browsers.
>> Kind of useful sometimes.
>> * loading valid filenames will load the file even without file://.
> These two are both great, thanks.

Totally +1. I'd like to have a patch just for this two things, too. I don't need the navigational stuff although it sounds interesting but I think these are unrelated changes.

The JS execution brings me to a kind of semi-related topic... Did anybody try to enable/integrate the webkit developer console in surf? I like these in other browsers for the DOM inspection and resource tracking.

kind regards,

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