[dev] wmii theming

From: Le Tian <tianeast_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2011 22:57:05 +0200

Hello guys, I recently installed wmii on SUSE 11.4 and I really like it. MY
question is very simple, how can I add themes to it. I tried to make a
~.wmii/wmii.rc file and add these lines there:

#!/bin/sh -f
# Configure wmii

# Colors tuples: "<text> <background> <border>"
WMII_NORMCOLORS='#e0e0e0 #444444 #666666'
WMII_FOCUSCOLORS='#A0FF00 #686363 #8c8c8c'

but nothing worked out. I also managed to find another wmii.rc in
/usr/local/bin/, how do they correspond? How do I correctly setup custom
theme for wmii on OpenSUSE 11.4?
 I have read man on wmii, but still the info is not very full, I wish there
be some more tutorials on wmii configuration. Thank you guys for your hard
work, I will appreciate if you help me on this.
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