Re: [dev] Re: How do you cope with OSX? (if at all)

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Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2011 10:37:53 +0100

* Benjamin R. Haskell <> [2011-03-19 15:56]:
> I don't think I've ever met a ThinkPad owner who didn't prefer the
> nipple over a touchpad once they were used to it.

Now you know one.

When I need a pointing device, I would anytime prefer touchpad with
decent configuration, mainly (1) two finger scroll (or emulation of
2finger), (2) click by tap and double-click by 2-finger-tap (i don't
know what's the correct name), which in addition renders the buttons
below useless. In my opinion, this allows for effective use without
disturbing the keyboard posture of the fingers. Without 2-finger
scrolling and click-by-tap a touchpad is as much pain as nipple.

That said, I love my x200s at work:
- usually the temp is below 38 C with Ubuntu without gnome with X
- screen resolution is great
- it is as light as my eee netbook
- nearly 8h of battery life (never needed longer than 5h, so I can't
  report whether it really goes up to 8)
- no touch pad, but for the small fraction of time needing a clicking device
  I can live with the strange red thing.

Btw, eee has a great touch pad toggle button.


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