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From: pancake <>
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2011 18:12:14 +0100

For virtual keyboards i think they only take sense if yhey are located at the bottom of the screen. The window manager should preserve this space for the keyboard.. So, like a tiled window in the bottom of the focused monitor.

On panoranic screens the width can be unnecesarily big.. But it takes no sense to use the virtual keyboard in 16:9 screens..

What about a fixed width and a proportional or fixed height? Like 30% of screen height?

Which kind of uses you do with it?

If we add support for virtual keyboards on dwm.. We should add it for desktop panels.. Because they relay on the same concepts.

On 25/03/2011, at 15:22, "Enno Boland (Gottox)" <> wrote:

> Hi
> thanks for your work zwanni ;)
> 2011/3/24 Christoph Lohmann <>:
>> Hello comrades,
>> attached is some strange form of mercurial communication patch
>> bomb, which they call a »bundle«. This one includes 15 change-
>> sets, which will increase your svkbd experience.
>> Changes:
>> * The basic window variables wh, ww, wx and wy are exported to
>> the configuration file.
> Moved this back to svkbd.c. Instead I improved the algorithm for
> calculating the windows height. If your experience problems with this
> approach, I'll consider moving it back to config.def.h
>> * Layouts now reside in the »layouts» directory. You can simply
>> do »make clean; LAYOUT=de make« and it will compile the now
>> included German layout.
> Good idea. I changed this a little bit. use "make svkbd.en", "make
>", "make svkbc.arrows" to compile (make defaults to
> layout.en.h).
>> * Rectangle drawing has been fixed. Now the rectanges are com-
>> pletely drawn.
> thx, applied.
>> * There are now commandline options for setting the basic win-
>> dow variables on the commandline. This is useful, when the
>> basic layout is set to be at the bottom, but the keyboard
>> should be above your dwm status bar.
> applied in a simplified way.
>> * I have added the arrow layout, which was proposed some time
>> ago on the mailinglist.
> applied.
>> More ideas:
>> * Svkbd should have a rectangle (key), which will move svkbd,
>> when it is pressed and held. That rectangle could be used
>> for minimizing it somehow to a small one row line, which
>> will maxime it again, when you press it. There should be
>> a key for quitting it too.
>> * In wide screen mode decrease the client space, when svkbd is
>> open. (Solely a dwm change.)
> managing svkbd window should be the window managers job. I added a
> switch in config.def.h (wmborder) to decide if it should be managed by
> the wm or not.
> Personally, I prefer a even simpler approach: opening svkbd in
> hardcoded window geometry an let the wm care about the rest. Call me
> lazy, I don't care :P
> In the long term I would love to see X11 dying anyway. ;)
> regards
> Enno
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