[dev] New window manager (with prototype!) [wmii-like] --- looking for help

From: Brian Mock <mock.brian_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2011 23:31:09 -0700

I have a prototype for a new window manager in the style of wmii. It
is called cakewm. I currently have a prototype version implemented in
pygame, and would like help moving this to use X---making it a real
window manager.

Disclaimer: I have a very limited knowledge of X11 and window manager
development. The most I've done is add a couple new features to wmfs.

To get the code
> git clone git://github.com/saikobee/cakewm.git

Then run main.py. cakewm depends on pygame.

Upon running, press Alt-Enter to fullscreen cakewm and intercept
keybinds. Press Esc to quit. The window manager related keybinds are
listed in the file binds.conf.

Config note: <WSCA-x> means Windows-Shift-Control-Alt-x

Implementation note: pypixel.py is a large and mostly useless
dependency. I forked a library I made previously rather than coding
straight in pygame.

cakewm's goals are to be similar to wmii, but with more functionality,
easier configurability, and saner defaults.

- cakewm is fully functional using the keyboard. Mouse support can come later.
- cakewm provides 9 workspaces per monitor.
- cakewm manages each workspace as a group of columns. Each column is
like a wmii default split, except each window can have other windows
"stacked" on top of or behind it.
- cakewm manages column sizes (and window sizes within columns) using
a master/slave paradigm, with the ability to adjust the size ratios.
- cakewm's configuration file is simple key=val pairs, with the
ability to include other files like in C.
- cakewm has a slightly larger emphasis on window decorations
(adjustable size---even in tiled mode) and themes (nothing bloated,
like pixmaps or gradients---it's all still simple colors).
- cakewm will have proper support for international text (Japanese
text in window titles or the wmii status bar generally render as
boxes) through the use of a more advanced text library such as Pango.

Please let me know if you have comments, questions, or concerns. If
you are interested in helping, get in touch with me. If you know
somewhere better to look for volunteers, please let me know.

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