[dev] dwm: can't open aterm/xterm

From: Bruce Bauman <bruce.bauman_AT_venture3systems.com>
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2011 10:27:43 -0400

I am running dwm as the window manager under TinyCore Linux, and have a
keymapping set up to launch an aterm. It fails with the error:

X Error of failed request: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)
  Major opcode of failed request: 20 (X_GetProperty)
  Resource id in failed request: 0x1000032
  Serial number of failed request: 26
  Current serial number in output stream: 26

With other window managers (e.g. fvwm4) this works fine.

I know it has to be something stupid, but what am I doing wrong?

Note: I also get dwm: missing fontset: ISO8859-1 when I start dwm, but
I'm assuming this is irrelevant.


-- Bruce
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