Re: [dev] monsterwm - 700 SLOC dwm fork

From: Manolo Martínez <>
Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2011 23:26:35 +0100

On 12/31/11 at 12:02pm, Ryan Mullen wrote:
> > crux is a linux distribution that I hate markedly less than some others,
> > but it's got significant problems of its own -- specifically during
> > installation.  when they come up with a test regimen for their
> > perpetually-in-alpha 64-bit release it will be worth another look.
> FWIW I've been running 64-bit CRUX for a number of months with no issue.
> The devs also have a multilib setup that supposedly works, but I have
> no use for it.
> One of the biggest faults of CRUX is their "meh" attitude about
> publicity. People don't want to look at the homepage and see one news
> item per year.
> Anyway, I'm enjoying it, and I don't think I'll be going back to Gentoo.
I don't know, I like the "rolling distro" deal of Arch. Anyway, this is just to
wish a very happy, quite suckless, New Year to everyone in this very useful,
very friendly -- once you get past the trollish facade -- mailing list.

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