Re: [dev] Lightweight UTF-8 library

From: Connor Lane Smith <>
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2012 19:26:50 +0100

On 14 April 2012 19:24, Nick <> wrote:
> Also, a bit of documentation would be nice, just a sentence saying
> what each function does, plus an example of its use. I know it isn't
> complicated to work out from the function names, but it's still nice
> to have around.

The functions have descriptive comments in the source. You could also
look at the Plan 9 man pages, as Robert says. The relevant page,
rune(2) [1] is now linked on the library webpage. I suppose I could
write my own manpage too.

> Oh, and maybe a make install rule.

I'm unsure about the namespacing issues etc with respect to this. I
suspect utf.h and utf.o / libutf.a are potentially quite clash-prone.


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