Re: [dev] sbase - seq.c: help wanted

From: Christoph Lohmann <>
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2012 21:49:48 +0200


On Mon, 16 Apr 2012 21:49:48 +0200 "Galos, David" <> wrote:
> > Have  you  tried  the fmtvalid() function? It seems like there is a typo
> > where it is used. Such a function would still be useful in the  now  ex‐
> > isting seq.c.
> I hadn't tested it when I sent that. I've attached a version with a tested
> fmtvalid function, proper support for scientific notation, validation
> of the user-inputted numbers, and corrected `seq 1.0 10` behavior.
> It's almost 60 lines shorter than the one in tip.

There is a new seq.c in tip now. It includes your proposal for the fmt
handling. The solution before was optimized for ‐f and ‐w in conjunc‐
tion, which isn’t possible by GNU standard. Additionally your checks for
the format and for the floats is now used.

Thanks for your contribution! Please test my munging of both codes!


Christoph Lohmann
Received on Mon Apr 16 2012 - 21:49:48 CEST

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