Re: [dev] [surf] port for gtk3

From: pancake <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2012 17:20:24 +0200

On 06/19/12 17:11, Calvin Morrison wrote:
> On 19 June 2012 09:48, Luis Anaya <> wrote:
>> Calvin Morrison <> writes:
>>>>>>> Is anyone planning to port surf for gtk3?
>>>>>> Once I have a system that uses GTK3, I'd have to do it.
>>>>> are you from the past?
>>>> Pretty close: I use Slackware.
>>> I am wondering if there are any advantages to using gtk3?
>> My 2 cents... without any support material.
>> 1. The biggest motivation would be library support going forward if the
>> gtk2 libraries get deprecated.
> Yes, I still have Qt3 and GTK1 on my systems :-) in fact they work
> quite well for the applications that use them! I would say most
> systems will still have gtk2 in 3-4 years.
>> 2. I am not sure if there are any performance improvement in
>> execution. My gut feeling is that it will not matter much.
> My feeling is that GTK3 is probably slower, though I don't have any
> meat to back it up with. Though, it could be better because they're
> removed a lot of deprecated crap (while adding more crap)
>> 3. Considering that the GTK1 libraries were being delivered for a long
>> time after the GTK2 ones were available in Linux distros, I would expect
>> a long phasing time for these as well.
> What about using and IFDEF for GTK2/3 stuff? I work on a terminal
> emulator called svte [0] that was originally written for GTK3. Support
> for GTK3 is a small patch, consisting of some basic renaming of GDK
> keysyms and some other semantic stuff. It's not very suckless but
> supporting GTK2 and GTK3 is realistic.
> All of that, to say - we cannot (and I don't think anyone does)
> pretend that surf's underlying core doesn't suck - glib is a
> nightmare to work with and Qt isn't much better. the whole g-blob is
> terrible, but we wrap it up and pretend it is pretty. I sometimes wish
> that there was a suckless widget set that worked well but only did
> that - widgets. Then it would be fun to port webkit to that widget set
> :-) ... anyway i'll stop tangenting.

feel free to contribute ;)
> Calvin
> [0]
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