[dev] waste less space (was: dwm tip changes)

From: Robert Figura <nc-figuraro_AT_netcologne.de>
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2012 22:58:10 +0200

Bjartur Thorlacius <svartman95_AT_gmail.com> wrote:
> On 6/24/12, Hannes Blut <blut.hannes_AT_googlemail.com> wrote:
> > I enjoy letting a video play in the corner using mplayer. I don't like
> > to tile the vo of mplayer because that tends to mess up the aspect
> > ratio.
> >
> You can fix that by making dwm respect size hints. See config.h.
> Tiling mplayer vo is actually the coolest feature of dwm, but you do
> instead have to live with the possibility of your windows not filling
> the screen completely. Render the output of your shells as lines of
> variable-width characters instead of fixed-width character grids and
> you'll be fine. As an additional benefit, you'll be able to fit more
> characters in each line (assuming you use any thin characters). You'll
> have to use proper tables (read: tabs) instead of abusing spaces,
> though.

As it happens i recently found and just fixed a simple two pass
algorithm to keep the waste space quite minimal[*] and distribute the
remaining space to the earliest clients in the heap. See the
stackclients() function in teslawm's latest tip:


I hope the relevant code is not too far away from dwm's so you don't
have to look at other sins i left there for your amusement ;-p

Have fun,
  Robert Figura

[*] Usually there should be less than min(HINT_INCREMENTAL of all
    clients) waste space but i think one can construct an example where
    it would be max(...) instead. If you construct such an example let
    me know.

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