Re: [dev] [surf] eval() not needed?

From: <>
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2012 11:25:20 +0200

* Troels Henriksen <> [2012-07-06 09:31]:
> eval() was never needed per se. I put it in because you need it if you
> want robust keybindings to functions defined in script.js, and you need

Ok. Didn't know. And still don't really get it... Can you give a hint?

search of 'eval' within yields the Link hints page.
The js code invokes eval. Is this the same eval?

some time ago someone shared some js code to extract the important
textual part of a page based on counting number of paragraphs, called
simplyread. I use this quite often but to activate it I neeed to go into
insert mode to let surf not eat the keys, then press the key which the
script bound itself to (FWIW F3).

I found myself binding some xdotool magic to a regular surf keybinding
as in
        xdotool key -window $0 i key -window $0 F3 key -window $0 Esc

which is sommewhat ugly. Is eval somehow related to that?

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