Re: [dev] Build system: redo

From: Prakhar Goel <>
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2012 18:53:38 -0400


Redo will do the same things that make did but better. It'll let you
automate the processing of your latex files but you can write the
processing code in sh (or any other language of your choosing). If the
underlying files change (and your build scripts correctly declare the
dependencies), it will incrementally perform the minimal amount of
work needed to get the generated files back up to date. If the build
scripts themselves change, redo will automatically rebuild the
affected docs (something that make won't do AFAIK). If your latex code
depends on some outside data, you can bring that in and easily declare
the dependencies on it so that when your data changes, only the
chapters which depend on that data get rebuilt.

I hope that gets the idea across.

* Caveat: redo currently has a few problems with programs that
generate multiple files as their output. I am working on a fix for
Warm Regards
Prakhar Goel
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