Re: [dev] [surf+tabbed]can't embed surf since tabbed 0.4

From: Christoph Lohmann <>
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2012 16:36:53 +0200


On Mon, 16 Jul 2012 16:36:53 +0200 Thuban <> wrote:
> Of course, I should give more explanations. Sorry
> I launch tabbed to get it's id :
> tabbed -d > /tmp/tabbedid
> Then, when I want to launch surf inside this way :
> surf -e $(cat /tmp/tabbedid)
> it's just not working, I have surf and tabbed separated. What I want is
> to be able to open a new surf in tabbed at any time.
> However, using tabbed surf -e work, but it is not useful to script and
> open several urls in the same tabbed.
> Hope I'm more explicit.

I think that problem happened before. The window ids tabbed is producing
start with »0x« for the the hex value. Surf used atoi(). It is now
using a proper parsing with strtol().

The change is on tip. Troel, you might change the release tag?


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