[dev] Re: Regarding "dogma" words

From: Harry <suckless_AT_harryhaller.org>
Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2012 04:22:57 +0200

Don't be too hard on the posts - at least they contain comments...

which is more than can be said about the coding.

"Not suckless" is a double negative - do they write code that way?

Someone says they don't have to give a "because" to call something
"not suckless" (i.e. "it sucks").

Is this the debut of a new "if-less" programming language? (GIGO)

Btw - another word for "elitist" is "prima donna" aka "snob", depending on
the form in which it expressed.

Looking forward to more custurd pies being thrown.

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