Re: [dev] a suckless init system?

From: Sam Watkins <>
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2012 14:02:47 +1000

There are dependency based init systems, should use mk for it.

net: 1
inetd: net
2: getty inetd

mk 2 # go to runlevel 2
       # inetd crashes
mk 2 # bring it back to life

It would need some sort of procfs view with process names, where unlink
sends a term signal, and some extra features for mk, to remove
objects in various ways. That could be done in a separate program.

mk -rm inetd # stop inetd (and anything that depends on it)
mk -rmdeps 1 # go back to just runlevel 1

Ok, now I should install some sanity into my brain.

I wonder if people get kicked off the list for posting stuff like this?

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