[dev] Bug when unfocusing/focusing GTK3 windows

From: Josh Rickmar <jrick_AT_devio.us>
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2012 19:03:10 -0400

This is a focusing issue that was noticed when we (me and many of the
the other xombrero devs) noticed when we switched our browser from
GTK2 to GTK3. If a GTK3 window is shown and focused on one tag, and I
switch to another tag with no windows on it, whenever I switch back to
the tag with the GTK3 window, the toplevel GtkWindow no longer has its
it-active and has-toplevel-focus properties set to true. If I try
this with multiple windows on the tag, and the GTK3 window is not
focused, switching to the empty workspace does not trigger the bug.

This focus bug causes all sorts of problems with our browser, like
events no longer firing correctly and the text cursors in GtkEntry
widgets being shown as invisible (like if the window was unfocusd).

I'm not sure if this is a GTK3 or dwm bug, but I was able to
successfully reproduce it on other GTK3 apps (not just our browser).
The only other WM we have seen the issue with is spectrwm, but as that
was forked off from dwm, it's possible/likely the bug (if not a GTK3
bug) is present in both.

Josh Rickmar

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