[tabbed] 0.4.1 release [was: Re: [dev] [PATCH] tabbed spawn didn't take arg-> into account]

From: Christoph Lohmann <20h_AT_r-36.net>
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2012 09:08:50 +0200


On Mon, 20 Aug 2012 09:08:50 +0200 chris hall <followingthepath_AT_gmail.com> wrote:
> In revision 143 spawn was changed so that it ignores the Arg passed and
> instead used cmd, this means that using spawn from within config.h will
> always spawn the command supplied at launch rather than the argument
> specified.
> I like the ability to spawn multiple different children (by using spawn in
> config.h) as well as launching tabbed simply as tabbed.
> Hopefully this is the right place to submit it, patch generated against tip.

Thank you for your patch. Your patch is a reason for the 0.4.1 release
of tabbed.


Christoph Lohmann
Received on Mon Aug 20 2012 - 09:08:50 CEST

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