[dev] [OT] Setting up a dedicated server

From: clamiax <smoppy_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2012 19:15:29 +0200


I've been asked to investigate whether it's worth to setup a dedicated web
server (including hardware) in order to host about 30 web sites, among which
our one. Although I think I have the skills to configure the software, I'm not
much sure about the hardware and other aspects.

Since we have ~50K monthly users I wonder if there are real benefits by having
an internal physical dedicated server against an housed one, also considering
that we will only runs a web server to host applications driven by PHP and

So, I would like to know how much bandwidth we need to efficiently serve 50K
monthly clients (which are less than 2K daily) and which hardware would fit our
needs. Knowing that, assuming that we will take advantage in performance, I can
check if it's convenient from a costs point of view.

Any help or suggestions would be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Claudio Alessi
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